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Brian Plomaritis

Profile picture of the laboratory owner, Brian Plomaritis.
Brian Plomaritis Director / Dental Technician (RDT) GDC number: 162966

Brian was born in 1970 in South Africa. He studied in South Africa at the Natal Technikon and in 1995 gained a National Higher Diploma in Dental Technology with a particular interest in Implantology. He immigrated to the UK in 1997.

He has worked closely with many surgeons and clinicians and attended numerous laboratory courses and lectures to further his understanding of Dental Implants. Year 2000 saw the birth of Analog Implant laboratory as well as providing technical back up for the Frailit® implant system U.K., the Rhein-83® Attachment System and the Locator® Attachment System.

He has lectured and been involved in training locally in the UK and in Asia on the new CM Loc® attachment system by Cendres Metaux and on their High performance polymer Pekkton®.

Nicola Plomaritis

Profile picture of the laboratory administrator, Nicola Plomaritis.
Nicola Plomaritis Director / Administrator

Nicola was born in England. She grew up and was educated in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Nicola worked for various hotel groups in South Africa and made a career move into banking and insurance. Nicola has been working with Analog Implant Laboratory since 2008. She brings a wealth of experience and skills to the managing of the laboratory.

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