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About Us

Exclusively private, Analog Implant Laboratory provides a dedicated service for both experienced and new participants.

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Inside Analog Implant Laboratory

Skilled craftsmen

We are a small team and all technicians are registered with the GDC. We have a common goal to give that personal touch that you have been looking for.

Quality requires skilled craftsmen with an eye for detail and the ability to communicate. Analog was formed to be a well presented, equipped and professional environment where you and your patient's expectations can be met.

Our team at Analog can contribute to each and every stage of the implant process, from initial case planning and discussions through to the definitive restoration or prosthesis. We are competent in immediate load cases and by arrangement we will come and assist you during your surgery.

Meet the team

Close up photograph of some dental laboratory equipment.
Analog Implant Laboratory equipment

Quality products & services

We have many years of experience in implant dentistry and have worked with most of the implant systems available on the market to date.

We have CAD facilities as well as conventional analog facilities. This allows us to facilitate the ideal treatment plan for your patient. Some of our preferred materials are high performance polymers like Pekkton® for frameworks and Emax for crowns. We are highly experienced with the revolutionary new HexScan® system that is ideal for hybrid restorations.

To complement your treatment plan, we also provide conventional crown and bridge restorations and a prosthetic service for implant retained bars and overdentures. We have a vast amount of experience in Locator® and CM Loc® attachments.

More about our services

Example of spare dental parts that Analog Implant Laboratory sells.
Analog Implant spare parts

Greener dentistry

As dental professionals I feel we have a responsibility to reduce the ecological impact we have on our environment and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

What happens to your surplus stock and surgical kits when you convert to a new system?

There are many systems in the market that are almost obsolete – and getting hold of parts can be a challenge. It is my intention to draw some of those parts back into the market place to help those who are experiencing these challenges. At the same time putting money back in your pocket.

Remember, while you may have made the change to a new system, another clinician has probably just made the change to the one you've changed from.

This is environmentally friendly and seems to make perfect sense.

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To discuss further the services we offer and how we may help you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.